Thanks for this! We're looking forward to watching this at home. I've also been convinced, by my family (who saw it together while I had to beg off due to a last-minute flareup needing my attention), to see "Barbie" when it's available here at home, as they enjoyed it — especially since we've read some interesting critiques/explanations of it.

Meanwhile, we've all seen "Mission: Impossible" and the latest "Little Mermaid", and thoroughly enjoyed them as well.

Despite our strong political beliefs, we're able (one could even say "allowed", by our true friends) to enjoy and talk about such movies without having to worry so much about politics, "wokeness", cancellation, etc.

A well-made movie is a well-made movie, and while there are some famous ones about important issues I am not interested in seeing (these tend to be war movies, sometimes "mob" movies), I respect those who made and who enjoy seeing them.

Politicizing everything, and lashing out at (real or imagined) "opponents" all the time, must be truly exhausting and stressful!

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I've long believed Tim Ballard to be a liar and grifter, so I don't want to see a movie that perpetuates his hagiography.

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