This was worth the price of admission. Thank you for being a rational and informative voice in a sea of histrionics.

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So, politics aside, I *am* one of those who would prefer to wait til 2022 to receive a novel vaccine. When one of the oral Rotavirus vaccinations was developed, it was found to cause intussuception (telescoping of the bowels, a surgical emergency) in infants >6 months old....but this severe side effect was not realized until a year into phase III. As a result, timing of the oral vaccination was adjusted (first dose given preferably at 2 months, but before 4 months). If phase one for some of these Sar CoV 2 vaccines began in March (which is amazing, by the way), there has been precious little time to assess serious side effects. I don't think Warp Speed is a political hack job, I think it's an emergency response to a global crisis, and is amazing. God bless those working tirelessly towards these vaccination efforts.

But, at this point, all in-state family members are < age 35, and lucky to have zero health conditions, all BMIs in healthy range. If we get COVID, we'll get sick, and recover, and I'd prefer that relative certainty over such a new vaccination. We've gotten better at treating this thing. I know dexamethasone's side effects. I know the COVID warning signs. I *don't* know a novel vaccination's side effects.

This is all a moot point because I work in a hospital and will almost certainly be required to accept the vaccination upon release.

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