May 10, 2022 • 56M

Marginal Podcast with Daniel Walters

Reaching across the aisle spawned an interesting conversation on the future of journalism

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I’m not sure when Daniel and I started following each other, but I sense it was related to COVID. Daniel has done some pretty impressive data-centric work on COVID statistics within Washington state and we’ve agreed and disagreed with each other over a range of things over the last few years. But it has (I hope) always been respectful, intelligent, engaging debate.

We recently argued about where the parameters of proper journalism are in regards to the public-private spheres and that conversation was such fun that I wanted to talk to him about journalism in general.

If I had to guess, I would say that Daniel is maybe on the center-left in terms of ideology, but he has always led with data as he’s seen it, and he’s been a voice that relentlessly points to data when the narrative seems to run out of control. I’ve been impressed with him and his colleagues at the Inlander for their COVID work and their reporting in general.

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