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Since Cinefex announced its demise back in February, we who devoted much of our professional lives to producing it have been delightfully overwhelmed by the outpouring of sadness and affection expressed by filmmakers, effects artists and fans who followed the magazine for all or much of its 41-year history. But none of those expressions have been as eloquent, or expansive, as your eulogy. We are deeply touched. Not only did you say nice things about us and the magazine, you managed to recognize and convey the challenges of producing serious, long-form journalism in an era more likely to reward and demand brevity and superficiality. Thanks for being such a longtime, loyal reader, and for giving Cinefex such a warm send-off. You've made our day.

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What a delight to have you see this piece! Thank you for the risks you took in starting Cinefex and the history you and your team have preserved! My Cinefex collection is a treasured possession and I'll often return to the articles after watching an old FX movie. Even as Cinefex ends, it won't be forgotten.

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